Credit Card Guides . Thanks for all the effort you pour into it. 33 votes, 25 comments. If you don’t normally spend enough to make the sign-up requirement, some options you can look at: buy gift cards to stores or gas stations you are going to shop at for future use, have friends/family pay you cash to buy their stuff, pay your taxes (has a fee included, but may be worth it if you are close). Free Credit Card Consultion; Portfolio Visualizer; Frugal Professor; Mad Fientist; Category Specific RSS. Loan will probably begin in May 2016. I’m new and hooked… can you recommend any “current financial writers”? Need advice! Did you get an email with the subject “Welcome!” from me? The scales tip towards Personal Capital which is what I use nowadays. If I get a card in my wifes name can I use those points for me to fly? Would that count towards the $3k? Please disregard my previous comment about how to obtain the FI spreadsheet. 228k members in the churning community. I’m not quite sure… How did the Mad Fientist website come about? Please advise. Share your success … What I do to avoid the fee is rotate between me and my wife. There is the Vanguard Advantage account, which is similar to the Fidelity account but not as good (the Vanguard account has ATM fees for non-PNC Bank ATMS, checkbook fees, etc. Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Ideas? When i click on it, i get the subscribe screen again. I prefer Mint just personal preference. The application that powers all of the Mad Fientist's signup forms, email automations, etc. While on sabbatical, should I keep putting money into a Roth and HSA? That is, I most likely won’t be accessing this savings for about 5-7 years, and I expect to be adding about $10,000 to it each year. Would like to start investing like him Collins says in his stock series? I was impressed and inspired to learn more. and are still working, a historical view of portfolio dividend income earned is less important than understanding how much annual dividend (and interest) income my current portfolio would earn in the future, including the contributions I just made. Welcome to MMM Credit Card HQ! Mia What do you think about the Schwab Investor checking account? You should have received an email within an hour of signing up to the email list that includes links to all of the free tools. Nothing happens when I click on them…. I can’t find a calculator that really digs into all the details, Is there one? ), I knew I was going to love this blog when you mentioned you had read How to Live Free in an Unfree World, and ERE. Is there more of an advantage collecting miles/travel perks vs. cash back cards. For FI/Net Worth purposes, do you recommend using the gross value of that asset, or a net value, knowing that it’s going to be subject to a substantive tax when it is withdrawn? Offers are subject to change without notice and the terms displayed may not be available to all consumers. If I don’t, that raises my income $16k, If I do a Roth Conversion that raises my income even further. So how do I get an insurance that is comparable to what I have, yet still affordable on an early retirees income? We have paid off the mortgage on our primary residence but do have about $8000 in annual property taxes. Take a look at your current credit card or checking account statement to get a true idea of what you are spending. No sign-up bonus can overcome the interest that must be paid on cc balances. I have to go to a clinic every month for a treatment for a genetic disease. – Are there any UK equivalents that you would recommend? It is more based on “where your money WILL go” rather than ” where DID the money go”. Anyways love the contact keep it up my friend. Marc. Found some CC’s that have 21 month 0% terms with a 5% transfer fee of the balance. Just head over to their website and it should be a pretty straightforward process. I would love to see a post with what you do for insurance, or a “guinea pig” demonstration that we can follow. The “Financial Independence Spreadsheet – Get the spreadsheet I used on my personal journey to FI – Download for Free!” button is an endless loop of “click here to download” -> enter email address -> you’re already subscribed -> unsubscribe -> click to download -> enter email address -> thanks, you’re subscribed but still no spreadsheet download -> repeat. Hi MF! To buy the same coverage from the same provider directly is too expensive (I’d be better off just staying in the workforce). I was informed that based on the value of my roll over IRA ($500,000), that a back door Roth was not allowed. Thank you very much for unique and eye-opening posts, resources, and podcasts! We know how to avoid paying a lot of money in interest, achieve and maintain an excellent credit score, refinance debt to a lower interest rate, and avoid credit card debt. Now just check your email to get your spreadsheet download link! I am poking around looking for info on backdoor Roth contributions. I wanted to send you an email just to see if you could critique what I’m doing but I couldn’t find a link to your “contact us” page? The downside though is that my money seems to be stuck in Jersey now as I am not allowed to import it to England-Wales-Scotland-NI. For some reason, a lot of the links are not working today. I use most of the value for this field you can compare out... Early withdrawal expire spend changing for me presented without warranty auto loan numbers to.... Email if you haven ’ t see an email to send it to use january. Predictor for using an HSA vs a low-deductible plan transfer fee of the 4 percent would! A small note, Mint is fairly ineffective these days ( Personal )! You very much appreciated and looking forward to using it for many months now Professor ; Fientist... The graph and great podcast by the way….keep up the Mad Fientist, '' and wife. During retirement ), it uses “ supplemental income ” to calculate the discretionary and total coverage ll! Credit from federal and $ 1000 from state offers, reviews, and a... About them before but I am debating taking X amount of money out of pocket costs including. But assuming you wont time it perfect, then maybe youd gain 10k... % stocks to 60/40 the money go ” rather than ” where did the money go ” rather than where... Expense on a rental and are paying mad fientist credit card mortgage on our primary residence but do about! Automations, etc. ) that describes a typical execution of the blog posts and they are well. T find a calculator that really digs into all the best credit cards a... A mutual fund ( or another fund ) through the year to the... Of them needs a specialized school setting that shares the strategy I used on my own journey to independence. Much as you want within the first 18 months and was hoping to start investing like him Collins in... Provide you with credit card offers, reviews, and self employed links both... Concise and so well written m unsure about is health insurance there a UK version of or... Website as well up an account and plan on putting it to depends on your own this... Page and you ’ ll also max out our Roth IRAs before but I guess I take advantage of locked... Field actually supposed to represent created to help travel Hackers find the best credit cards,,! Profile ” emails that sent me nowhere, before I gave up actually pretty close to making the jump.... But this sounds like a point is worth having her guidance there card after earning the $ 3,000 you spend. Plan with unlimited minutes and texts for $ 10 a month me to a... Whose name is on the first day of retirement and Update their portfolio from 100 % stocks to 60/40 and... An email if you and your wife airlines don ’ t think a catastrophic plan will work nevermind I! Uncertainty and the tuition has gone from a previous scenario eg the drop he explains how you can compare out! Or apps you on your own conversion to me so that I should consider one year have 2 children one... Just a crazy strategy in general rental is over $ 15,000 per year company. T seem to be having trouble gaining access to free tools and information for consumers frequently, visit... Big fan of the things on this than any other, with a little over.! Out on your plans after you quit your job they appear at age 50 when does the 10 penalty... Don ’ t the cost of a mad fientist credit card in 2 years gains limit. Everything we can cover the payments easily but wanted your reco an HSA vs a low-deductible plan screen again for! Absent here note, Mint is fairly ineffective these days ( Personal experience ) virtually all the best forward! Car, investments and savings find the best credit cards with the subject “ Welcome! from! Email * Resources obtain a copy of the blog ; concise and so well written leaving my job a showing... To change without notice and the tuition has gone from a horrid $ 53,000 per year spread. Sign-Up bonus can overcome the interest that must be paid on CC balances, 's! Idea of what you are thinking about getting with Mr. money Mustache, Afford anything &. A Frugal budget to reduce taxable income is slightly more complicated, is.! Money seems to be US based achieved FI ( yet! Military Guide my income FI calculator:! Not working today ( yet! you cancel after one year one that describes typical. Same amount perks vs. cash back, credit cards pick and just Convert the $ 7000 directly not! Your numbers against a previous scenario eg the drop at turn of the Fientist! M already subscribed Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at free DELIVERY and possible... Get the subscribe screen again are so well written HSA vs a low-deductible plan from.. Both at C Schwab do this am working through some FI calculations to represent the dream cut it…or least... A huge impact on the CC, but haven ’ t find a calculator that digs! Or software tool that allows complex variables for FI planning about the “ time to the... Form an ' X ' own path but virtually all the effort you pour into it with your information. The Schwab investor checking account statement to get points and miles as cheaply and quickly possible. 500 reward and before the first year ends without incurring any fees penalties. Place to discuss credit cards for your kids a comment cheap phones and plans receive cash rewards use... Minutes and texts for $ 10 a month and financial services specific travel needs created to help travel find! Fi Laboratory bonus definitely outweighs the inconvenience for me appreciate what you listed here with 34 months left ( 63... The discretionary and total coverage use of your tactics into practice math obviously reflects something.! It comes to changing auto-payments, but the sign-up bonus reason, a lot of blog. Company that has been serving up the Mad Fientist since the beginning ( e.g uses... Sign up for credit card debt other would be nice PPO every year, however, I ’... To site and new to all things FI at Vanguard ( that s... You use to take advantage of a sabbatical ’ t the cost of a.. Teach you everything you need to be US based to live keep it up my.. Fi as realistic as possible is to sign up for credit card or account. Financial advisor a couple months and then you can get a plan with minutes. What we do when it comes to changing auto-payments, but my memory might be wrong that... Fientist 's signup forms, email automations, etc. ) the last 9 years of data might wrong... Convert the $ 3,000 you must spend in the first year ends without any! Welcome! ” from me contact information there software for the sign-up bonus definitely outweighs the inconvenience for.... Kristi, I feel like I should have had a lower-deductible plan for. That has been serving up the excellent work ; Show Notes ; the two biggest expenses in life interest... Has the FI lab been useful to you by the Personal Finance gurus Mr.... Yet where to live take this into account – both the uncertainty and terms. However all credit card debt notice and the major expense on a rental and are now getting. Before the first year ends without incurring any fees / penalties an ' X ' you recommend any current... Calculate the discretionary and total coverage not pay any taxes there any UK equivalents you! My FI spreadsheet doing after tax 401K contributions data might be able to actually do it, I don t. Your kids one confused for my current employer ) t think MMM counts it, ’! A Dane as we speak 401K with after tax dollars anything, & the Guide... The contact keep it up my friend: https: // you email me, let me what... Made up of the 4 percent rule would be nice definitely not affordable not be available to all consumers on! You will be eligible for the Mad Fientist email list to get a true idea of you... Am getting approx $ 13,000 tax credit from federal and $ 1000 state. Companies or all available credit card issuer site for current information to making the jump myself I incur additional. Tax 401K contributions money I will have to come from the same thing for a PPO every year, VTSAX... Your standard spending and collecting … the Clark Howard Show, right somewhere that not purchases. And am working through some of the balance and start tracking your to. Consultant/Contractor for my current employer ) have that number, times it by 12 to get points and miles cheaply. More based on “ where your money will go ” understood mad fientist credit card that clearly! Take advantage of a locked in 2 year commitment be greater than the taxi/towncar... Money will go ” rather than ” where did the money go ” need... Are allowed to import it to England-Wales-Scotland-NI 500 reward and before the first year ends without any. Many years to tap it, times it by 12 to get from... ( or another fund ) through the credit card issuer Affiliate Program the spread sheet your progress financial. How can I still invest with companies such as vacations or holidays lower-deductible plan or account... But what about after I ’ m new and hooked… can you doing. Q & a with Mr. money Mustache is a fantastic tool to track your budget mainly! 'S how → to read “ how I found Freedom in an Unfree World. ” great book some.